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Tired of sitting and working the whole day? Get a Varidesk!

VarideskVaridesk is one of the best standing desk solutions. For workers who are looking for a solution to counter the bad effects of sitting at a desk the whole day, this is your solution. It provides you an easy way to convert your workspace from a mere sitting desk to stand-up desk in a few seconds.

Here are four particular models which might be really helpful to you.

  • Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk:

This model requires hardly 5 minutes for the desktop setup process and any type of mounting is not necessary. It provides a good quality construction and a sturdy work surface. This desk arrives fully assembled. It also has a reminder app installed in it which reminds the worker to switch position from sitting to standing or vice-versa. This Pro Plus supports dual monitors with more space left for any other work. This product is available at Amazon.

  • Varidesk Pro Plus 30 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk:

This model is the step-up model for workers who want to move beyond the entry level. The ergonomics profile and compact size of it makes it the best desk for everyday use at office. The placement of the desktop is simple and mounting is not needed. It not only has a sturdy work platform with a quality construction, but also has an under slung keyboard tray for your comfort. This desk supports single desktop and the keyboard tray is one height which will fit everyone. This product is available at Amazon only at $325.00.

  • Varidesk Pro 36 Height-Adjustable Black Desktop Standing Desk:

This desk not only provides the ease of conversion of work position, but also is designed for some serious work along with damaging space requirements and productivity thresholds. It comes fully assembled and supports dual monitor. It has an expansive work are in both standing and seated positions. The height of the keyboard tray can be adjusted depending on the height of the user. Using of wireless mice and other peripherals are recommended to provide hassles free work experience. It is available on Amazon at $350.00.

  • Varidesk Pro 30 Height-Adjustable Desktop Standing Desk:

This model is an entry level model of standing desk converter. It fits any standard monitors and has a stable and sturdy work space. It is available at a very reasonable price. This desk has a spring assisted movements, which will result in easy and smooth stand/sit changes. It comes fully assembled and is completely ready to be mounted. It supports single monitor. This desk is available on Amazon at $325.00.

With the help of these standing desks, a person can take all the benefits of non-sedentary work environment. When you compare workers who sit the whole day in one particular desk and the workers who work in both sitting and standing positions, results have shown that standing desk workers improve both their productivity and health. As a result of standing, while working, you tend to burn calories, keeping your health fit and fine.