The Seiko Skx007 Watch: A Review

This review of the Seiko Skx007 and Seiko Snk809 watch is really intended to see if this watch comes up to the quality that you would expect from a brand name such as Seiko. Clearly this is a brand name that does have a fantastic reputation, but with so many to choose from it is only right that you learn more about a particular model before you spend any cash and in that case the information that follows may be quite useful to a number of people.

To begin with you should know that this is classed as a divers watch and the sole reason for that is that it has been tested in water to a depth of 660 feet without any problems. This single fact does hint towards how well made this watch actually is and indeed you will be reminded of its quality as you look at other aspects of this particular model.

When it comes to the case then it is stainless steel and it does look classy and rugged without being too over the top and it is also not too glitzy, but instead looks like it is just made to do a job rather than be a fashion statement. The strap with this model is black rubber and it does work well with the stainless steel especially because the face of the watch is also black making it all tie in and it will look fantastic on your wrist.

Talking of the face you may like to know that it is protected by a thick hardlex crystal and this basically means that it can withstand some bumps and scratches without it being damaged and clearly this will stop the watch from looking as tired and ragged. Inside the face you will see it has the date and day display as well as telling you the hours along with a sweep second hand and the hands are made from luminous materials allowing you to see it clearly no matter the light conditions. The display is also crystal clear meaning you can tell the time without any problems and all of this just adds up to the watch being very well made as you would expect from this company.

Finally you may like to know about the movement and this particular watch is an automatic watch and if you are not sure as to what this means, then basically there will be no need to wind it up or replace a battery as it is all done by the movement of your wrist. This is a movement that Seiko have perfected and it is a welcome addition to this model as it does mean you never have to stop and wind it up and can carry on with whatever you are doing making it the ideal action watch.

To conclude, this particular model is certainly well worthy of being linked to Seiko as it is made with absolute precision, is sturdy, looks classy, and most importantly it works exceptionally well. If you are looking for a watch that is water resistant, then this is certainly one that you should consider checking out as it will certainly never let you down when it comes to telling the time.