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The Seiko Monster Watch: Is It Any Good?

The first thing that you will notice about the Seiko Monster watch is that it does come with various names including black monster and orange monster. This is something that will not really be discussed here as the main reason for this review is to look at the watch in general in order to ascertain if it is actually worth the money that you need to spend to own one. Keeping that in mind, just how good is this watch?

The first thing you should know is that this watch is also known as a dive watch due to the fact that it is able to work pretty well in water and without it being damaged in the process. Generally speaking you are looking at this watch being water resistant to around the 600ft mark and this is certainly impressive as it shows you how well it is made that nothing goes wrong with it even at those depths.

Another thing to know about the watch is that it is automatic and this means that it winds itself up simply by the movement of your wrist, so gone are the days of having to think about winding it up yourself and there is also no need to ever change a battery. This particular type of movement is certainly very accurate when it comes to keeping the time and indeed reading the time is easy due to a crystal clear watch face since it has lumibrite hands to make sure that you can see them both during the daytime and at night and indeed just making sure that these little things are done correctly is a recurring theme with this particular watch.

When it comes to how it is made, then the main part of the watch is in a stainless steel case with the face being made of a hard, scratch resistant material meaning it is hard to damage it and change the appearance of the watch. When it comes to the strap you will find that some are stainless steel whilst there are also rubber straps available with other models should you prefer this, however, both types are very well made and you will be more than happy no matter which one you take.

Finally, it is worth noting that you do still get the usual section that tells you the date, but apart from that this is a watch that focuses more on being suitable for scuba diving than it doing all kinds of fancy things that are just not actually required. This is a relatively basic watch in some senses, but in others it is one of the best diving watches out there at this moment in time.

In short, if you are looking for a watch that is cool, but able to withstand a lot of punishment, then this is certainly one brand of watches that you should seriously consider checking out. There is no doubt that they are very well made, they are accurate, and they will last you for years without any problems, so even though there may be cheaper watches on the market, this particular one from Seiko really is value for money.