Some record player reviews for you!

record playerIt is really amazing how the present generation youngsters are humming the old classics or making medleys out of them. Music was music in the sixties, seventies and eighties. And it really was something! The old classic charm is still alive and living in the hearts of many. Grandparents pass it on as a legacy, from generations to generations and a musical history is created.

Though music has morphed and has changed its flavor, there still exists a clan, of a sizable number, who crave to hear old classics and popular music.

Unfortunately, many of these golden treasures are not available in the present format of music discs. They are found as old round discs or records with grooves. These can be played on what is popularly known as record players or phonographs created by the great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. It has changed its looks as time passed, from horns to speakers and has stood the test of time. His invention earned the fame of being the best record player in the world.

However, with a bombardment of high-tech sophisticated music players that hit the market in the twentieth century, people find it difficult to choose between options offered to them. It is indeed a smart move to check the reviews about the turntables in the market. Some of the most liked ones are:

  • Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile stereo Turntable – This player weighs just about 12 pounds and is mighty sturdy with aluminum die cast tone arm. It has fully automatic operations, built in phono stage and 5mm thick rubber mat.
  • Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Stereo Turntable – This has full automatic operation, low mass straight tone arm, universal type cartridge connector, built in phono equalizer and can run on two speeds at ease.
  • Teac LP R550USB Recorder Cassette Turntable – This has many positive reviews and has a number of valuable features.
  • LP R440UUSB Recorder Cassette Turntable – this product is a 3 speed turntable and comes with cassette player. It has USB port, remote control and offers CD playback as well.
  • SONY PSLX300USB Stereo Turntable – this product is inbuilt with speed switch and is belt driven. It comes with a 5” tonearm, consistent needle pressure, and USB. It is straightforward and compact.
  • Teac LP- P1000 -CH All-In-One Turntable Speaker System with Bluetooth – This turntable has most of the features one is looking for. It has wireless connection, rubber mat for the turntable platter, tray loading CD player, 2 auxiliary audio inputs, 25 watts + 25 watts output power, bass/treble tone control, digital clock, timer and remote control.
  • Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad USB Portable Turntable – This is one of best and extra handy turntables in the market today. It is Vinyl wrapped, with a Vintage Briefcase Design and Chrome Snap Closure. It is belt driven, having built-in stereo speakers and also USB enabled. It is also largely compact and lightweight. However, some users have complained that it emits a buzzing noise.
  • Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB – This is a special turntable desired by DJs. It can create mixes, edit and has a sleek look to it.

There are numerous turntables available in markets that are suitable for specific requirements. As the old proverb goes ‘’buyers beware”, one should certainly verify all aspects before spending to acquire such a valuable. Options are wide and reviews about each of the models, along with feature highlights, are there for one to browse through. So happy buying!

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