Reviews on the Services and Products of Stanton Eye Professionals

Stanton Eye ProfessionalsStanton Optical takes pride in its top-quality products and excellent customer service, which make it one of the leading brands in the eyewear industry. Although the company barely has a decade in the business, its lifetime of experience gives it an edge over the competition. In fact, the company now has more than 30 locations in the U.S and has reaped a massive financial growth of $200 million. Stanton eye professionals offer only the best shopping experience to customers who are in need of high-quality prescription glasses and other optical devices at reasonable rates.

About the Company

In 2006, Daniel Stanton founded the company with careful consideration on the needs and satisfaction of all customers. Stanton is currently headquartered in Palm Springs, FL, and it remains as the leader in contact lens and prescription glasses industry. At present, it has over 30 retail stores nationwide including Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Illinois, California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, New York, and Nebraska. The company also plans to open at least 10 to 15 more stores each year.

Customer Service At Its Finest

Stanton Eye Professionals has more than 3,000 frames currently in-stock, and customers are likely to find the perfect pair of glasses that they need each time they visit the store. According to its founder, what makes this optical shop stand out from the others in the industry is its remarkable product quality and customer service. The company is dedicated to providing only the best services to its clients. The moment customers enter the store, Stanton Eye Professionals make it a point to attend to each client’s concerns and needs.

Looking for the right pair of prescription glasses or contact lens has never been much easier at Stanton Optical. All customers are treated like special guests, and optical professionals offer their utmost respect and sincerity to the needs of all customers. From the eye exam and selection of frames to the moment customers walk out the shop with their new glasses, Stanton Optical guarantees total satisfaction with the kind of shopping experience that they experience from the shop. After all, the company’s main objective is not merely to gain profits, but to serve customers and help them find the best product that will cater to their unique situation.

Extensive Selection of Products

The optical shop offers a wide selection of the latest styles and brands of prescription eyeglasses frames for men, women and children. These items are available at affordable rates to further meet your total satisfaction. Moreover, customers are provided with the fastest and most accurate production of customised prescription glasses based on their specific condition.

With several stores nationwide, all customers can find a convenient branch to visit an optical shop where they can find the right product for them. Thus, there is no need to experience heavy mall traffic or drive several miles from the store just to find a parking space. Each Stanton Optical branch comes with ample parking space to further enhance every customer’s shopping experience.

Lastly, Stanton Optical shops make it a point to meet the demands of all clients, as it is open 7 days a week (except during major holidays). At almost any day, it is possible for customers to schedule their eye exams and search for the right prescription glasses at Stanton Optical. For those who are uncertain about the product they need, a board-certified optometrist is situated at a shop just next to Stanton Optical stores. Hence, customers may undergo a more comprehensive eye checkup and vision screening to thoroughly diagnose their condition.