Reverse osmosis base water purification systems

Reverse osmosis systemReverse osmosis is just the opposite of a naturally occurring process named osmosis. In osmosis, spontaneous movement of solvent molecules occur through a semipermeable membrane from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration to equalize the solute concentration on both sides of the membrane. In reverse osmosis an external pressure is applied to reverse the flow due to osmosis. In this process the solvent molecules pass through the semipermeable membrane from the higher concentration side to the lower concentration. Ions, molecules, particulates and even bacteria present in the water can be removed using the reverse osmosis process. The reverse osmosis process is widely used to produce potable water from sea water in the industry level. In recent times small scale reverse osmosis system is also manufactured to be used for domestic purposes.

Here we have listed some of the best reverse osmosis system available in the market to help you buy one for your home.

APEC 5 Stage – This well-built reverse osmosis system comes with 5 stage water purification process. The APEC 5 stage system is very easy to install and produces 50 gallons of potable water per day. This system works pretty fast and produces delicious water. However, this reverse osmosis system is susceptible to wear and tear damages in just over few months of usage. And the waste water production is more than advertised. Also the customer service provided by APEC is not up to the mark.

iSpring RCC7AK – The iSpring RCC7AK produces 75 gallons of potable water per day and comes with easy installation process. The purified water produce by this device tastes superb and this high quality device works swiftly and quietly. However, the O-ring that comes with this system is not great and may cause leakage. The waste water produced by RCC7AK is on the higher side when compared to other similar devices available in the market.

5 Stage Home Drinking Osmosis System – This very reverse osmosis rate purification system comes with very easy to follow installation instructions with colored diagrams. And the filter comes pre-assembled making your task even easier. Moreover, the package contains additional filters for future usage purposes saving you a significant amount of money. The drinking water produced by this unit tastes even better than bottled mineral water available in the market. And this water purifier is very easy to maintain. Leakage from this reverse osmosis system is absolutely minimal and customer service from the manufacturer is great. However, this device is known to run a bit slower than the others and is not suitable for heavy usage.

Apart from the three reverse osmosis systems mentioned above, there are many more devices available in the market. Some other great reverse osmosis systems available in the market are Home Master TMAFC Artisan, APEC Water High Flow and iSpring RCC7. These reverse osmosis based water purification systems not only produces safer potable water with great taste but also saves energy and thus saves a lot money. So, explore devices, their features and buy the one that suits your budget and household requirements.

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