Regulating switches have never been this easy

Lightwaverf dimmerDo you wish to have a system such that you could control all the switches at your home with the help of your phone? Well! Your wish has come true. The LightwaveRF range of switches enables you to control almost all the electric switches and devices with the help of your phone. The LightwaveRF dimmer can be used to dim the lights as well.

The LightwaveRF switch range is a wireless light switch device which can be operated with WiFi support. It comes in various colors such as stainless steel, white, black chrome and also chrome finishes which fits perfectly to any home design. These dimmer switches are very well compatible with the all kinds of LED lamps and lights. The installation process of these switches is same as any other dimmer switches. These switches make use of all the existing circuits and fits easily into a 35mm box which helps in easy installation. They are battery powered which can function manually or remotely with the use of the LightwaveRF App or even via LightwaveRF remote control.

The remote of the dimmer switch looks same as the switch itself and they can operate two-way. These two-way dimmer switches are more or less like a slave to the standard dimmer that serves as the master. This master wireless switch can contain up to 6 slaves of the two-way dimmers with the help of the multi-gang dimmers which are also two-way. These slave switches can be either connected directly to the master switch, or they can be linked to each other in the form of a chain.

As mentioned earlier, the light switch remote can be operated wirelessly with the help of web-enabled device like the tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, and also the PC. But for this, the lightwave link is necessary. Without the link, any command cannot be passed from the LightwaveRF App. This web link acts as the key to LightwaveRF system.

Homeowners will be able to control all the switches, heating and also power with this amazing LightwaveRF technology. This home automation system enables homeowner to control almost all of the devices from any part of the world with the help of web access. The home automation system (also called as LightwaveRF smart home system) also enables the homeowners to keep a check on the energy consumption in the home. It provides all the crucial data such as the behavior of each and every device and the amount of energy consumed by each one of them. With the help of all this information, the homeowner can make the required alteration, in order to save the amount of energy being used and considerably reduce the power bill. This is an amazing technology which provides great convenience and helps in saving money.

So what are you waiting for? Get your home the smart home system and get smart yourself. Think of all the money you will be saving. You will be able to finally take the trip you wanted to take months ago.

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