Portable record players to choose from

Portable record playersOld fashioned vinyl turntable record players are not only opted for by DJs or music professionals, but numerous regular music lovers like us go for turntable record players. Moreover, turntable record players are not only a musical instrument to decorate your living or bed room. With the advent of portable record players, turntable record players are also preferred as an on the go music player for music enthusiasts. However, the portable turntable record players come with lesser features than a full-sized turntable record player and a less powerful speaker.

But, they do come with some advantages. These portable turn table record players are cheaper than their larger siblings, can be used in small spaces and finally you have the liberty to carry the portable turntable record player anywhere. So, here in this article we will help you buy the best portable record player for yourself by briefly reviewing some of the best systems available in the market nowadays.

Crosley CR8005D-BK – As far as the market for turntable record players is concerned, Crosley is one of the most recognized brands. This music system comes with a beautiful looking suitcase style design. Moreover, it comes with numerous color options to choose from. And to keep up with modern features and technologies this turntable record player also comes with Bluetooth connectivity option. The construction material of this portable record player is quite resistant to external conditions. However, this value for money record player doesn’t support vinyl storage and connects with 110 V power sources only, so to use it with 220 V power sources; you will need an external adapter.

CMC Vinyl Record Player – The CMC vinyl record player comes with an elegant and vintage suitcase style design. You have the liberty to choose from different color options available. Moreover, this highly modern portable record player comes with mp3, SD card support, 3.5 mm headphone jack and RCA input options. The inbuilt speaker of this record player is of great quality and with 3.5 mm port and RCA input options you have the liberty to try various speakers or headphones with this model. However, this sophisticated device requires careful handling and the needle arm of this portable record is not automatic.

Rock ’N’ Rolla Jr. – Rock ’N’ Rolla Jr. Is not as elegant looking as the previous two record players mentioned above, but it comes with five different color options to choose from. The sound quality of this record player is very good and even this model possesses a hidden CD player. Apart from the CD player, this device also has digital device compatibility. The materials used in the construction of this device are of high quality making it a suitable product for outdoor usage. However, the power cord that comes with this device is very short and design of this device is quite nice yet a bit childish.

Apart from the three record player models mentioned above, there are plenty of other models of record players available in the market. And choosing the perfect record player form the lot depends completely on your taste and requirements.

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