LED technology has made its prominence in the field of hooping

led hula hoopsAs known to all, LED hula hoop is a toy which is twirled around the waist, neck or the limbs. Hooping is nothing but dancing or artistic movement with a hoop, which may be made of wood, metal or plastic. It involves different types of technical moves and tricks. Hooping is usually performed or practised with the help of music.

A Hooper, in modern days, make use of larger diameter and heavier hoops and rotate it around their body parts like hips, waist, neck, chest, knees, thighs, shoulders, arms, thumbs, feet, hands and toes. Hooping in modern days has also been influenced by hip-hop, rhythmic gymnastics, twirling, freestyle dance, poi and many more. Hooping has made its position as a fitness regimen along with breakdancing, belly dancing and kickboxing. You can find hoop dance classes available in gym. Hoop dancing helps you to build balance, flexibility and strength. Since hooping is a type aerobic exercise, it helps in improving cardiovascular well-being and also burns a lot of calories.

There are many types of hooping done all over the world for entertainment purpose like fire hooping, led hooping etc.

As the name suggests fire hooping involves the act of hooping with fire. A fire hoop usually consists of four to six spokes radiating outwards the hoop which is made of a roll of cotton and Kevlar wicking, which is then lit with fire.

Coming toLED hooping, it involves the usage of a transparent hoop which has many LEDs inside the tube. They have internal batteries. These LED hoops are lighter than fire hoops but a little heavier than standard hoops. ITL Retailer LED hoops come in a variety, like the ones with different colour LEDs which are either collapsible or programmable with the use of a microchip. The programmable hoops can be encoded in order to create patterns to the perseverance of vision effect. The quick changing of the colour of the LEDs along with the movement of the hoops creates geometric patterns or basic pixel pictures. The standard grip tape is not used in the making of LED hoops as it might lead to blockage of lights.

When these LED hoops are in action, all the LEDs look like dotted lines of light. The LED hoop includes a total of 24 LEDs, i.e. one colour per LED. The different LEDs are 4 orange LEDs, 4 yellow LEDs, 4 red LEDs, 4 blue LEDs, 4 green LEDs, and 4 pink LEDs. The weight of this hoop is not more than 12.8 ounces. The LED hoops are available in a variety diameter sizes like 38”, 36”, 34”, 32” and 30”. The battery in this hoop is a 3.6V lithium ion battery which is rechargeable. The tubing of this hoop is made up of ¾” HDPE.

These LED hoops can be used by anyone and in any occasion. It is suitable for adults or children, beginners or professionals, fun seekers or performers. It can be used in parties, for exercising and even for gifting purpose.

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