Is your kid safe with computers?

kid safe with computersComputers have become a menace. Most of the households, across the globe are in frenzy because their kids have gone berserk with the Internet. Priorities of life have been taken over by technology and parents are feeling helpless.

Most of us are having computers at home to reduce our work load and make our lives easier. However, a serious combat is on between parents and kids over the practical ownership. If there is more than one child in the family, the situation is worse.

Children friendly computer games, latest music, movies, shows, information, etc., attract the little ones and what starts as an innocent past time, becomes an obsession. They often become young addicts and neglect their school work, household duties, social responsibilities, healthy physical activities, companionship, hobbies and some compulsory work.

When parents intervene, matters go worse most of the time. Relations turn sour and out of control. Teenagers are especially difficult to handle as adolescent problems creep in. Shift of interest towards adult sites which may ruin them, has been a serious worry for most of us. So how do we tackle such serious issues that might retard or even ruin a nation?

A solution is actually there now and parents can feel relieved and rejoice! It is called Kids Watch Time Limit Control which can magically organize the time schedule for kids as to how much time they should be on their PC. It is a brilliant set up to organize computer usage in relation to time and sharing with others. Such set ups automatically waives off fights over computer time, secret night sessions on computers and web site usage.  It is not only taking care of the kids but kid timer for pc ensures hassle free installation by the parents that will help them to enjoy their free time.

This is almost God sent really, as a guardian can now monitor chat sessions and hundreds of key words that  we do not want our kids to be aware of at their age. Kids Watch is programmed to send email alert to the parent once these words are used. Chat services can be blocked for safety.

Websites have been sorted and marked inappropriate by Kids Watch and there are thousands on their lists. New sites that are launched just about yesterday are also filtered. Dangerous sites, infected, malicious and phishing sites are superbly taken care of.

Well, unfortunately, problems are still there even after safe web filtering. Our kids, while surfing permitted sites, could get exposed to unwanted or obscene items. It’s a real threat! Advertisements can be inappropriate. Kids Watch plays a great role by filtering all these at the downloading zone, cleaning the unwanted portions that have been restricted by us.

Now what if parents are blessed with two or more kids? How can each child’s requirement be taken care of? And on the same computer? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Kids Watch can customize each of their needs. From time to be spent on computers to the material handling on web, everything is taken care of.

What more can one ask for. Parents…..just relax!

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