Is The Invicta 8926 Mens Watch Worth The Money?

At first glance it is fair to say that the Invicta 8926 mens watch does look fantastic and you are right to expect it to also be a fantastic watch to own due mainly to the company that makes it. This watch is clearly very well made and does not look flimsy in any way, but read Invicta watches reviews and find what else can you expect from it should you go ahead and buy this model?

The movement with this model is known as a Japanese Miyota movement and it is automatic and what this means is that there is no need to wind it up manually and nor is there any need to change a battery because your own wrist winds it up as you wear it meaning you should never lose track of time. This is a type of movement that is certainly becoming more common, but perhaps the key thing here is that Invicta have one that does actually work and this precise engineering is something that you will come across even more as you explore the watch in general.

When it comes to the actual design of the watch, then it is all encased in stainless steel with the strap being made of the same material and when you combine this with a fine looking dial, then it does result in a rather classy looking watch. The dial itself is black in color with this model, but the actual detail on the dial is black in silver and this does mean that it is very easy to read the time due to the way that everything is just able to stand out without any problems.

In order to help you see the time better it is worth noting that the hands are luminous and indeed even the crystal face covering is designed in such a way that anti-reflective and this does make a difference when it comes to seeing the time as it should really be clear no matter what the weather conditions are. The outside of the watch does come with the classic one way bezel and this certainly feels well made and you have no need to worry about it slipping around with the slightest of knocks as this would upset you knowing how much time has passed if it can basically move on its own accord.

Finally it is worth adding that this model is water resistant and indeed it is capable of still working at a depth of 660 feet should you enjoy scuba diving or just swimming underwater. This has been tested repeatedly and it is just another example of how this particular watch from Invicta can deal with a number of situation and still work the way that you would expect it to.

To conclude, this particular watch from Invicta is certainly well worth the money as it just looks and feels like quality from the very moment that you put it on. The way in which you wind it up simply by wearing it also works very well and overall you will be more than happy with this particular model should you take the plunge and buy it.

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