Insuring a Valuable Watch Collection

Watch Collection

Maybe it’s your first foray into the lucrative realm of rare time piece collecting or you have fifty watches under your belt, but having your valuable watches properly insured should be on the forefront of your mind. However, most collectors forget to properly insure their watch collections only to be dismayed when a fire emblazons their home and wipes out a lifetime of treasures. Most assume that since the items were located in their home, then they are covered by their homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case.

If you have just purchased a new treasure and have yet to call your insurance agent, then it’s time to get a move on. Anything can happen to cause you to lose the new object of your affection. You need to protect yourself by getting your new valuable watch under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Without the proper insurance, your most treasured possessions become at risk.

Standard Policies Max Out Early

People often assume that homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will fully cover any lost valuables that are located in their home, but this is not true. Newly acquired high-value items, such as a Brietling, should be listed on your insurance policy immediately. It is imperative that your insurance agent has an accurate depiction of the watch’s value and lists it on your policy accordingly. Standard insurance policies do cover personal items, such as coins, watches, art, and furs, but they often do not cover these items for their full value. Instead, most standard policies only pay back homeowner’s $1,000 to $2,000 for each item. Therefore, it is usually necessary to purchase added insurance coverage from your insurer.

Purchasing an Endorsement

An endorsement, commonly called a floater, is added insurance that can be purchased in addition to traditional insurance policies. Under an endorsement, you can list your valuable possessions separately. In fact, any items valued at more than $1,000 should be added as an endorsement to your standard home insurance policy. This will require that you pay a little more with each item listed, but the peace of mind knowing you will be compensated should something happen to your valuable watch collection is priceless.

How to Protect Your Watch Collection

So, your sweetheart knows you love antique time pieces and has bought you a rare watch that will need insuring. Here is a simple step-by-step procedure that will ensure your new valuable watch will be sufficiently insured:


  • Have it photographed in order to provide a permanent record of the item showing the state of its current condition.


  • Obtain and keep the original store receipt that displays its undeniable retail value.


  • Get the watch appraised by an expert and have the appraisal provided in writing. This establishes the value of the item and clearly states that it was in your possession during the time of the appraisal. A photograph or store receipt may help, but a professional appraisal of the item will serve as undeniable proof of its value.


  • Contact your home insurance agent and have the item added to your current list of possessions. Without performing this critical step you stand the chance of not being compensated if the item is stolen, lost, or damaged in any way.

Following this valuable guidance will help to ensure that your valuable watch collection has the proper insurance it deserves. You can learn much more about homeowner’s insurance and any other insurance-related matter at Remember, to always insure your valuable possessions, because you never know when calamity can strike and wipe out your treasured collection in no time at all.

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