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How to Keep Your Basement From Flooding

backup sump pump

Basement is a house of all your used things and memories. It is the place where you store, your not so useable or some precious things. It can be someone’s living place as well, and you might have spent hours and many dollars to make that concrete block into a living place. The flood can transform that beautiful house in a pool, and it would not be even the last thing you need. If your area is not prone to flood, then your basement is not complete without flood prevention kit.

You should first work for the prevention of the flood reaching to your basement, in the prevention tips you should look for the ways to change the pathway of the water from your house. It may include the use of downspout extenders to keep the water at least 10 feet away from the house, and the other one is to check the angle of the grade in your lawn. Make sure that the grade of the lawn slopes downwards towards the road.

The most important thing to do in the basement is installing a sump pump for pumping all the water out of that area. An automatic sump pump is needed in the basement which helps in keeping all the water leakage regular. If the pumping machine has an opening lid, it will act as a huge drain. Wayne is the company that provides a much different variety of sump pump; you can select one of them by using a comparison of Wayne pumps.

It might be your first step against the water accumulation in the basement, but ultimately it is a machine and can betray you anytime. You must have a battery backup sump pump machine with stronger battery-operator pump so that if the first one fails to work, you can have a backup to lessen the effect of the flood.

Clean all the gutter and drainage system of the house. Because the flood might not only cause by rain or hurricane, it can because of the clogged drainage system. Make sure to check the rain gutters before and after spring and remove all the leave that fall down from the trees and block the drainage system.

Make sure to fill all the holes and the cracks in the outer wall of the basement to avoid any water entrance. Make sure to seal the windows and the doors as well.

For an emergency, you should have an automatic energy generator to provide electricity to the basic things of the house like a furnace, refrigerator, pump, and the excellent pump. These are some major useable appliances in the house without them you will end up having flooded basement, freeze pipelines. Keep all the electrical sockets and the wiring 1.5 meters above the ground so that if the water gathers in the basement at least, there is no risk of short circuit.

You must have a flood insurance policy in the house documentation. It is relatively inexpensive because it is provided by the government. Make sure to check the papers as they should include the basement as well.