Benefits and Features of Air Fryer

Air FryerIndividuals often wish to eat tasty rather than healthy. They often do not consider the impact of the food consumed by them on their body and tend to like unhealthy food more. Eating deep fried food is not beneficial to health since the process of frying add a lot of calories to the food and also removes any nutritional value. It is also common to overeat while snacking on these fried food items. Since, there are so many disadvantages of eating deep fried food the innovation of Air fryers is considered as a boon by many.


An air fryer is a device that uses very less quantity of oil and dry air heated to very high temperatures to cook food. There is no need to fry the food for a long time as the air fryer heats the air quickly causing the food to cook along with it. The taste of the food items remain same and this device does not require pre heating or any sort of preparation. Individuals who love eating fried food no longer have to think about the impact of artificial oils and Trans fats.

Hazards of Trans fats

Hydrogenated oil is used along with cooking oil to lower the cost of deep frying. This oil can be reused and this is why it is used to reduce the usage of proper cooking oil. The Trans fats contained in this oil affect the heart. Heart is severely damaged as food cooked in this oil is eaten. All fats are not harmful and it is necessary to consume some fats as they are healthy and are required by the body. Thus, devices like air fryers gain popularity since; it only consumes very low quantities of oil and cooks food throughout.

Benefits of air fryer

  • The amount of oil used reduces by almost 70%
  • Temperature increases quickly and the timing can be controlled
  • Automatic shut off
  • Cleaning up the device is easy as the parts are dishwasher safe. Since, less oil is used the process of cleaning up can be done easily.
  • The mess created is very less and the process of cooking is very safe as there are no oil spills.
  • The device quickly disposes off the smell and cooking process is carried out fairly fast.
  • Air fryers can also roast, grill, and bake along with being able to fry.
  • This device does not remain hot as a cooling system is provided and an exhaust system as well to dispose off any smell.
  • It is useful for individuals to enjoy tasty food even while following a diet to lose weight or remain healthy.
  • It is an ideal cooking device for individuals who have a hectic routine and do not have time to cook and eat healthy food.
  • Temperatures can rise up to 300 degrees within 3 minutes. The food is initially at room temperature and does not burn even at such high temperatures.
  • Food is evenly cooked as the air around the food is heated.



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