Automatic litter boxes can be a savior

Automatic litter boxesLitter boxes have many commercial names like sandbox, litter tray, litter pan, etc. These are used to collect faces and urines of your pet, especially small dogs or cats. Cats are quite loveable and are found in various households. This bundle of joy is also bound to excrete urine and feces. And a litter box is a product to that helps us manage the urine and feces of your cats quite easily, just that you just have to train your cat to poop or pee in the litter box. However, with a normal litter box, you have to clean it yourself later. To save you from even cleaning the litter box, there are automatic litter boxes available in the market from various manufacturers. These automatic litter boxes do most of the tasks themselves reducing a lot of tasks from your plate.

If you need help to choose an automatic litter box from numerous models available in the market just read the best automatic litter box reviews.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing – This CatGenie automatic litter box is built to look just like its human counterpart. This fully automatic device uses washable litter granules and does not require to be changed. However, being a bit complex, it takes up some time to set up this automatic litter box in place. This automatic litter box is very hygienic to use and removes the odor very efficiently. Moreover, it does not require any maintenance. However, it is one of the expensive products in the market of automatic litter boxes.

PetSafe ScoopFree – This very automatic litter box is very easy to use for both the pet and the owner. With its own litters and special crystals that dehydrate the waste works very efficiently in removing the door and reducing the waste. The litters have quite a long life and require to be changed after two weeks. Moreover, you can use litters of different scents as per your choice. However, the maintenance of this device can be a bit costly and comes with only one timer option.

Litter-Robot III – The Litter-Robot III looks like ahead of its own time. And this very well built device is suitable for any size of cat you have at your place. It works completely independently but you have to throw the reduced waste away yourself. And it comes with an automatic waste indicator that blinks when the waste container is full, so you don’t have to check it yourself. And it also comes with three timer options to choose from. However, this automatic litter box is a bit costly compared to its competitors.

Littermaid 980 – The Littermaid 980 like the previous one can handle cats of all sizes and shapes. And this very affordable automatic litter box uses carbon filters to neutralize the foul odor. Even it comes with back up battery and paw cleaning ramps unlike the others on the list. However, the body of this automatic litter box is made of plastic and doesn’t offer you a lot of options.

So, check out these products and buy the best one for your pet as per your budget and preference.

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